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Here is where all announcements regarding Chatting Time will be placed
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Our goal here at Chatting Time is to see to it that people could come to a place where they were free to speak their minds and have a good time.

Is It Down For Everyone, Or Is It Just Me?
Occasionally you may find times where Chatting Time may not load, this could be for a various number of reasons, and this site will help tell you if it's this site or a problem on your end. To check if Chatting Time is working correctly or not, you can use this site here:

Possible Reasons For Problems Could Be:
The site is experiencing high traffic, and your connection has been blocked (site is up)
Your IP has been blocked by the server's firewall (site is up)
The server is being rebooted (site looks down from here)
The server is undergoing maintenance (site looks down from here)
DNS issues on the server (site looks down from here)
The server is no longer available (site looks down from here)
Should you experience any loading problems, please email: include your IP in the email, so we can check to see if there is a connection problem to the server or if the firewall has blocked your IP, etc.

General Information
While these guidelines cover most common situations, they cannot anticipate everything. Consequently, we reserve the right to take any actions we deem appropriate to ensure these forums are not disrupted or abused in any way.

You may notice a trend where extraordinary privileges are extended to some members, but not all members. Members who've contributed often and have been helpful here at Chatting Time for a long time may not get warnings straight away, but may rather, depending on the situation, be contacted personally for their offence.

This does not mean that simply because you have a large post count you are automatically allowed to do anything and break as many rules as you see fit. If you want to receive VIP benefits, simply post often, be helpful, nice & active.

The following things are not tolerated:

Impersonating as someone else
Backseat Moderation
Unfriendly attitudes and looking to start fights
Posting pornographic images or links to such sites
Posting personal details of someone else to illicit hatred
Seeking nude photos or asking for personal details of members
Promoting or posting any type of illegal activities such as illegal drug usage,

You are not allowed to abuse or attack (flame) any of our members or staff under any circumstances, be it fun or not!

If someone insults you, report the post and let us take action, do not abuse back and indulge in fights. If you insult or abuse back, we might or might not take action, and if we take action, all parties may get warnings.

Everyone is equally fair here, including the staff so treat people the way that you would expect to be treated. If anyone break the rules, including staff, they get severely punished, just as the offending members do.

If you feel that you are being picked on just to be banned, please contact one of the administration team and they will be happy to look into it for you.

Don't expect the staff to do all the posting as they all have other duties to follow other than posting.

Please refrain from posting in CAPS as it looks like your shouting, we are not deaf!

Please also try and not use "slang" or "text talk" as not everyone can understand it.

Finally, if the thread is irreverent to you, please do not post, just to get your post count up. An example of this could be saying like "nothing" in the what are you currently listening to thread or saying, "I don't have these games" in one of the threads about a game. You will be warned about this if you continue to do it, so please post Quality Posts within the forums to avoid being banned for spamming.

Finally, Please post your topics in the correct sections. For example, post about music in the Music Mayhem Section or about general things in The Dugout Section. Topics that have been put in the wrong section will be moved by one of the team.

Please keep it in mind that posting of pictures can slow down the loading of the forum, so please be considerate about it by checking the file type & image size.

When Posting Videos & Other Items, please try and keep it to one item per thread/per post, unless stated otherwise. This will help preserve the loading times of the page for you.

Spamming & Trolling
Spamming and trolling is not allowed! If you are caught spamming, you will get a warning and if it is continued, then you will be banned and reported to the stop forum spam service.

Trolling is strictly prohibited and you will immediately be banned from the forum and reported to the stop forum spam service.

Finally, please refrain from double posting, please use the edit button instead.

Ban Format
The Ban Format Works in the following order:

Unofficial warning via PM.
Official warning, no further action taken.
Another warning issued, 1 day suspension issued.
3 warnings issued = 1 week suspension issued.
4 warnings issued = 1 month suspension issued.
5 warnings issued = permanent ban issued.

If you are banned, please do not create new accounts as they will be banned also and you are likely to be banned by IP forever for doing this. Any spammers will be automatically banned for life.

Warnings will expire after 90 days (around 3 months). This ban format is only rough and you may be subject to shorter or longer suspension & bans depending on how serious your crimes have been on the forums.

Religion, Politics and certain other topics of sensitive nature are perfectly fine. However, to keep things from getting out of control, we advise you to refrain from name calling. Be respectful of people's opinions even if they differ from yours. If there's something you want to post about and aren't sure if it's allowed, please don't hesitate to ask. Anyone caught flaming, disrespecting fellow members, etc. Could risk being banned from the Court Room section.

Any topics that the team deems it looks like you're advertising a product or service, rather than asking for opinions, the topic will be automatically locked and you will receive a board warning. Two strikes is all members get. Second infractions will lead to an automatic permanent ban for life or the duration of the time Chatting Time is operational. No questions asked. We don't allow advertising of any kind, which is why we're strict about it. Advertising in signature is ok, but it must be YOUR OWN project or a project you are staff on.
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Effective immediately: to keep this place family friendly, we are henceforth banning any and all profanity language
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