Do you allow necroposting on your forum?

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Post by Ashley »

For those who don't know, necroposting is the act of bumping up old topics. I'm not talking advertising posts, that in itself is a given, but I mean discussion topics in general. Not only do we here at Chatting Time allow necroposting, we actually encourage it. Nothing has ever peeved me more than logging into a forum and seeing a gazillion posts on the same, if not similar topic. Obviously there are exceptions as to when bumping up old topics is a huge no-no across the board, like when talking about news updates on video games, new forum software updates etc. There are occasions where we may cut you some slack. Take video games for instance: a topic comes up saying that a new game is due out soon and practically everybody on the site is looking forward to the official release date of said game. In this case we may leave the topic up for a bit longer than usual so people can discuss the game via general discussion. After a time though, maybe a few weeks to a month after the game comes out, we might lock the topic and ask members to post a second general discussion about the game and just talk about it in that thread.

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Post by SpacewardAsh »

I think it should be encouraged if someone has something worthwhile to add to the discussion!

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