What sections of a forum have you found helpful?

Chat it up about everything related to owning a forum. Give your advice to other forum owners about what to do in certain situations, etc.
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Post by Ashley »

The Xenforo topic was on the verge of getting off topic, so I created a separate one.

I've been on a couple of forums in the past that have a sort of private section for staff and certain members. Not vip members obviously, but it was sort of like a one on one feedback section and I think you had to pm the owner to be granted access to these exclusive sections. What happened was, say you're browsing through the forum and you notice a member acting suspicious, but you're not sure if what that person is doing is against site policy or not. You can get into this section, and I believe permissions are set so that only the OP and staff can see topics posted that are there own. Nobody else can see what you posted. Just you and the staff can. Please let me know if I need to clarify more. Getting kind of tired lol

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Post by Ravenfreak »

I always think the site feedback section is the most helpful. This keeps both members and staff informed of any issues that may occur, whether it be technical issues or issues with members. I do like the idea you brought up, and it's one I never thought about before. I might have to implement that on my forum, since I'm using IPS and the software allows for question sections. :)

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