Outspoken Pastor Says Facebook Ignoring Threats

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OneNewsNow: Ouotspoken Pastor Says Facebook Ignoring Threats

On the heels of back-to-back deadly shootings over the weekend, an outspoken pastor is calling out Facebook for shrugging off online harassment.

West Virginia-based pastor Rich Penkoski is no stranger to controversy.

OneNewsNow has reported how he refuses to back down from his biblical beliefs in normal marriage despite vicious online harassment from homosexual activists. He has also battled Facebook after being punished for his own online sermons that angered others. But the pastor’s mounting frustration is not just because of the harassment and even death threats, he says, it’s also because the social media giant ignores his complaints.

Some of the postings are “You honestly should kill yourself” and “Kill Christians,” and others shared by Penkoski (see above) and reviewed by OneNewsNow are unprintable.

Along with the death threats, Penkoski has reported hundreds of rude, sometimes pornographic posts to Facebook but claims the offenders are not punished. He says the posts that violate Facebook rules number have climbed to the “hundreds of thousands” of now-deleted comments. “Just today, for instance, I lost count after three thousand,” he tells OneNewsNow, “because you just can't count anymore.”

Not content with just harassing Penkoski, the crude Facebook posters are now going after other Christians who post positive comments that defend the pastor and his Warriors for Christ ministry. “They're taking their personal photos and they're sharing them amongst their groups,” he claims. “They are finding out their names. They're trying to find their addresses.”

With so many online trolls threatening his life and others, Penkoski says chances are good that one of them is capable of doing more than just typing a threat. And the weekend shootings remind grieving Americans, including Penkoski, that it only takes one.

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Fb is out of control nowadays.

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